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How to play Freerolls?

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How to play Freerolls? Vide
PostSubject: How to play Freerolls? How to play Freerolls? Empty28/05/09, 03:18 pm

To be succesful at online freeroll poker you should be aware that freerolls require a certain way of playing. We will give you a few tips that should increase your chances of winning a freeroll tournament.

1 Be patient.
Freeroll tournaments usually have a large number of players, so it will take a lot of time before the final table is being played. It might take hours before you reach the final table. The important thing is not to be tempted to take risks, simply because you are looking for some excitement. Be very patient.

2 Aggression.
Online poker freeroll tournaments are played at multiple tables. This means that you will be playing with 9 others at a table for almost the entire tournament. The advantage is that you can keep playing your own game and you don't need to adjust to a change in the number of opponents. However, it is important to play aggressively. Great hands like AA or KK should always be raised before the flop. There is always the chance of a bad flop that would severely reduce the value of your AA or KK. So with a hand like that, force your opponents to pay dearly to see the flop.

3 Play in a controlled manner.
You know that good hands should be played aggressively. But it is equally import to play 'tight'. Playing tightly means being very selective in the the hands you play. Only play hands that have a real chance of winning and don't call, hoping to catch that lucky flop. Wait for a good hand and play it aggressively when it comes.

4 Use your position.
An important part of poker and especially with freeroll poker, is your position at the table. If you are first or second to make a bet, then a hand like K10 is not very strong. There are still a lot of players after you and if there is just one with a KJ or KQ or so, your hand will be at a serious disadvantage. But if you have to bet last (on the button) or almost last, then that K10 after everyone else checked or called, suddenly is a much better prospect.

5 Play varied.
Of course you need to be patient and play only the good hands. But it is also important not to become too predictable. Especially near the end of the tournament when players don't cycle tables as often. A good opponent will quickly figure out your playing style and always fold if you raise pre-flop. Mix up your style now and then, to keep them guessing.

6 Don't bluff.
Bluffing at Freeroll poker is a bad idea. With 10 people at a table, the chances of someone having a good hand and willing to call you, even if you go all-in, are pretty high. All-in on a bluff usually equates to suicide at Freeroll poker!
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How to play Freerolls?

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