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The Chris Ferguson Experiment.

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PostSubject: The Chris Ferguson Experiment. 07/03/09, 10:36 pm

The Chris Ferguson Experiment

In my poker experience, I've decided to use a conservative Bankroll management style. My goal is to beat the lower limits and move up when I can afford it. I also want to build my bankroll up so I can 'harvest' some of it later.

This was inspired by a recent Full Tilt Poker episode where Chris Ferguson talked about changing $1 into $20000. I have a similar goal, but it's to change $50 into $2000 in a year. I was reading the FTP forums and I was amazed how many people got this wrong and was risking everything.

The rules are as follows.

1. Don't buyin for more than 5% of your bankroll at a single table or tournament buy in.

2. When you made double your buy-in or more, quit that table.

3. Play mostly cash games to limit variance. NLHE or PLHE.

4. If you play side games like Omaha, LHE or big tournament, earn the buy in first, but
don't risk much of your pay roll.

Seeding the clouds

I started in earnest with $50 in Pokerstars and $50 in FTP last november. I cleared the bonus in FTP and used that money ($50) to buy pokertracker software. I also have some live poker bankroll from a charity raffle I won at a Denver Poker Tour event last year.

Where I'm at.

With my current bankroll, I will have to pay the $0.05/$0.10 NLHE with the $4 Minimum buy in until I reach $200.

Current Status
Full Tilt Poker: $174.90 + 1 * $26/ Satellite Token
PokerStars: $81.78
Live Poker: ~$230.00
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The Chris Ferguson Experiment.

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