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Rake & Rakeback Definitions

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PostSubject: Rake & Rakeback Definitions 23/06/08, 04:01 am

RAKE definition: when you play poker, you pay a fee to the poker room for each hand you play in cash games and each tournament entry. All poker rooms take a 5% cut of every pot, usually till maxim 3$ and this is the “rake”

RAKEBACK definition:
When we play poker for real money the poker rooms take a fee which normally is from 3-5% of each pot. This fee is called the "rake" and while the cost may seem small, for someone who plays a lot the rake can amount from hundreds all the way up to tens of thousands of dollars per month.
Only on our site you can take back a big cut from your rake money: till 60%. Every month. It is a huge reward for you and we donąt keep it like others, we just give it to you back. This is the “RakeBack”. The PokerBorgs RakeBack.

How Does Rakeback Work?

Many players understand that rakeback is important to a poker player?s bottom line, but do not entirely understand how rakeback works. The most obvious definition is that rakeback is the percentage of the rake you pay in ring, sit and go, or tournament poker that is refunded to you by a rakeback provider. This is where the confusion begins asdifferent sites calculate the amount of rake paid by a player in different ways. The two most common methods for calculating rake are as follows:
*Contributed rake calculation
With the contributed rake calculation method you earn rakeback depending on how much money you actually put into the pots. If for example a pot reaches $25 and you put in $5 of that money then $5 divided by $25, ie 20% of the rake which the room took from that pot "belongs" to you.
*Shared rake calculation
With the shared rake calculation method you earn rakeback whenever you are dealt cards in a hand, even if you fold without contributing anything to the pot. If for example there were a total of 4 players dealt in a hand (including yourself), then 25% of whatever rake the room took from that pot "belongs" to you.

Although it sounds like a great deal,rakeback is not right for every type of poker player. The largest benefits from rakeback come if you are a high volume Limit Hold Em player. This means that you play for several hours a week at a generally high limit. The reason that these players benefit the most is that they generate a large amount of rake and therefore receive much more through rakeback than the average player. Nevertheless rakeback does generate some extra bankroll.

Use the Rakeback Calculator to estimate how much is your rakeback earning.

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Rake & Rakeback Definitions

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