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Preflop Wizard

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Preflop Wizard Vide
PostSubject: Preflop Wizard Preflop Wizard Empty22/06/08, 05:58 am

Preflop Wizard:

Preflop Wizard is a program that will help you determine what to do with a given hand in a given situation preflop!

All you have to do is punch in the hand you are dealt, click your position, potstatus and how many players entered the pot before you, and the Preflop Wizard will tell you what to do (check, raise, fold etc.) - This is only our suggestions to preflop play and is focused on low-limit play and beginners. The tool do not in any way guarantee any winnings, but should be a good help.

Please note, this version of Preflop Wizard is designed for tables with 8 players, so please take this into consideration, if you play at a with more/less players than 8.

To visit the Preflop Wizard, please go to

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Preflop Wizard

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