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Sit and Go Shark

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PostSubject: Sit and Go Shark 21/04/08, 06:48 am

Sit and Go Shark™:

Be a Shark! Built specifically for Sit and Go Tournaments, Shark combines the best of an online poker odds calculator with advice from poker pro Roy Rounder himself! Players get poker tips from Roy Rounder in real time as they use Sit and Go Shark™ to enhance their game.

Sit and Go Shark™ collects data on seven different variables or what Roy Rounder calls "Critical Success Factors." Pot odds, positioning, table momentum, stack size, and of course the player's cards are all calculated as Sit and Go Shark™ provides precise betting advice for Sit and Go games. As Shark evaluates the situation in real-time, it searches through Roy Rounder's comprehensive database of poker strategies to provide the player with the right tip at the right time. It's like having a personal poker coach sitting next to you, and that coach is poker pro Roy Rounder!!

Get SNG Shark FREE

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Sit and Go Shark

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