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Welcome to AutoHoldemBot

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Welcome to AutoHoldemBot Vide
PostSubject: Welcome to AutoHoldemBot Welcome to AutoHoldemBot Empty21/04/08, 01:22 am

Welcome to AutoHoldemBot - the full automatic on-line poker playing robot software:

* Tired of getting beating around by semi-pro and amateur players.

* Want to earn money while sleeping

* Beat your opponent with automatic mathematics and fast odds calculation

* Why should i share this poker bot... ? - Because there is enough for everybody in the poker business and im really tired
of watching poker pro´s "stealing" money from poker amateurs.

AutoHoldemBot is a easy-to-use bot and works with on-line Poker Sites be able to find its path.

The bot works flawless, but start using the bot on "Play money" tables to test if you have set up your screen and system
as described in the CHECK LIST beneath (if you loose your play money at the Play tables remember that people play very different
and often to loose at Play tables)

When you have tested your settings then go for the small tables like 0.05c/0.10c and see for your self. After a while, when
you have earned your first 40-50$ then join in on the 1$/2$ tables.


1. Run the AutoHoldemBot.exe

2. A pop up will appear with the Poker sites available to you. Again, ONLY SELECT ONES FROM THE LIST ABOVE.

3. If you dont have the poker site installed the bot will now route you to a setup file. Install this and continue to step 4.
Remember Allways install the poker room at the default location (example C:/Program Files/.......)

4. Now you are ready to rumble - Click the START BUTTON

5. You should now see the bot displaying the message "Trying to connect to Titan Poker" (or whatever site you selected).
Move the poker bot to one of the corners of your desktop (im using top-right).

6. Run and login to the Poker Site.

7. The pokerbot will now display the message "Open a fixed limit Texas Hold'em table"

8. Once you have opened a table, Texas Holdem Bot will not begin immediately, the bot should display
the message "sit down and wait for 2 hands" - play these 2 hands and

9. Once you have done this, then the message "Turn on ALL chat options" will be displayed - this means you have to enable
all the chat options in the poker room, f.ex. in the left bottom corner of Titan Poker.

10. During this time you should play the hand/s manually until the bot displays the message "lets kick ass".
If this does not happen, then follow the instrutions/check list below and watch the demo video for more details
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Welcome to AutoHoldemBot

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